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General Features of FLOWER


| Targeting |

Providing targeted advertisement makes your inventory more appealing to advertisers, because it enables efficient budgeting for their different ad campaigns. Anypoint Platform brings that competitive advantage to you with ground-breaking technology.


| Programmatic |

Being the pinnacle of digital advertising technology, the programmatic ad operation unfortunately had been just for web and mobile territory. Anypoint Platform makes it possible for your TV network, allowing you to work with major programmatic ad exchanges all around the world in an automated fashion with lower maintenance needs.


| CPV-based |

Facing the economic slowdown and ever-growing competition, major businesses around the globe are constantly scrutinizing their spending. Advertisement budget is usually one of the first things that get a closer, suspicious look. Make them feel confident about their budget, by adopting Anypoint Platform’s CPV-based sales approach.


| Analytics |

Not a mere statistical estimation — Anypoint Platform provides the real-time actual impression data. With various metrics such as daily impressions, fill rate, time slots, unique reach, bounce rates, impressions per channel or region, you can mine for all kinds of valuable business insights that will help you to make informed decisions and act upon reliable data.

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