Anypoint Platform provides you with various features including:


Make your advertisers smile by providing targeted TV ads that are more relevant and cost-effective. The Anypoint Platform empowers your TV network with the following targeting methods:

  • Contextual targeting enables you to run different ads on different channels. Advertisers can choose specific channels and time slots on which to run their ads.
  • Geographic targeting enables you to run different ads in different regions. Based on the advertiser’s requirement, you can choose to run ad campaigns nation-wide or only in specific states, provinces, cities, all the way down to streets.
  • Behavioral targeting enables you to run different ads for different viewers. This is one of the best ways to leverage your subscriber database, by creating audience segments based on their viewing history or demographic characteristics, and then using such segments for hyper-targeted ad sales and operation.

For ad sales and operation, common use cases for targeting might include:

  • Families with children or toddlers

You can identify such subscribers by looking into their viewing history, make them into a segment, and presenting it to advertisers in the toy industry or education sector, making them assured that their advertisement budget is worthwhile.

  • Affluent households

A group of viewers who are identified as having high income, whether by using demographic or geographic data you have, would be a great target audience that numerous advertisers in the luxury industry always look for.

  • Sports fans

Make a segment out of viewers who regularly watch football, golf, fishing, or any general sports channel. Sports brands all around the world will be more than happy to run ad campaigns against a relevant audience, to achieve a far greater impact and reach with the same budget.

  • Granular geo-targeting

This approach can attract small-to-medium sized local businesses to run ads in your TV network with a relatively small budget. This can greatly help you to sell out “remaining” inventory to fully realize your revenue potential.


Imagine running ads from all sorts of prestigious brands and major advertisers around the globe, without actually having to meet and set up business with them. That is what programmatic advertising is all about, and what all mobile video platforms are already doing. Why not TV? The Anypoint Platform does exactly that for you. By integrating with the Anypoint Platform:

  • You don’t even have to set up and manage individual campaigns. Just provide any amount of ad inventory at your discretion, and then ad exchanges will go for it on behalf of their advertisers.
  • That inventory instantly goes through a real-time auction, and the highest bidder takes it; automatic revenue increase without any effort from you.
  • If you are not comfortable with the auction and bidding approach, you can also run programmatic in a more managed way by specifying a certain ad campaign, number of impressions, and a fixed rate.


The cost-per-view (“CPV”) model is one of the main reasons behind the rapid growth of the mobile advertisement market. Its advantage over traditional lump-sum advertising in which the precise ROI is practically unmeasurable, has already become widely accepted among many enterprises and brands today.

This comparative disadvantage of TV advertisement has a potential to make increasingly more advertisers go mobile, especially in this world of economic slowdown and budget cuts.

But again — why not TV? By integrating with the Anypoint Platform which is built upon a CPV-based approach, your TV network can immediately dismiss that disadvantage. Make your advertisers rest assured that their advertisement budget will always be used in the most cost-effective way with hard data to justify the spending.

This levels the playing field and allows TV networks to compete in this new era of targeted advertising. Moreover, TV networks can easily take the competitive edge with an assorted collection of high quality, prestigious video content and live broadcasts from all corners of the world.


In a world of unlimited global competition, the capability to produce valuable business insight out of raw data can easily determine the rise and fall of businesses of all sizes and verticals. Such insight requires a reliable source of useful, detailed, timely data. The Anypoint Platform provides your TV network with various performance metrics which have been available only for web or mobile advertising, including:

  • Total inventory and fill rate

Find out your revenue potential, and how much of it is being utilized.

  • Real-time impressions

See how many impressions a specific ad has achieved. Total, daily, per-channel, or per-region impressions are available.

  • Reach (unique view) and frequency

Provide your advertisers with useful metrics to quantify their ad campaign’s impact to the audience base.

  • Campaign progress rate

Monitor a specific ad campaign to make sure its performance is on the right track.

  • Bounce rate

Stop guessing and witness the percentage of viewers that changed channel while watching a specific ad. An exceptionally high number might indicate that viewers are not liking what they see.

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