Anypoint Media Group, which is the predecessor of the current Anypoint Media, was established in 2008 in California, USA. Anypoint Media, established in 2015, is an Ad-tech company focusing on the development of targeted advertising platforms for IPTV/CATV/Satellite TV and mobile services.

The Anypoint Platform developed by Anypoint Media, started commercial service with SK Broadband (February, 2016) and LG U+ (July, 2017), and has been shifting the TV advertising paradigm by offering targeted linear TV advertising along with cross-screen advertising between TV and mobile devices.

Broadcasters can experience great growths in their TV advertising revenue and profit with minimum investment, like SK Broadband and LG U+ which are seeing great growth.

Anypoint Media, based on its experience and success in Korea, is working with businesses worldwide. As of today, Anypoint Media is cooperating with broadcasters in South East Asia, such as Vietnam, Indonesia and etc. to implement the Anypoint Platform. Anypoint Media’s goal is to work with IPTV/Cable/Satellite operators worldwide to begin the “Targeted and Programmatic TV Advertising” era while expanding its TV Commerce Platform for continued growth.


• 2019, FEB
Ad-Tech Research Center (founded in September, 2018) obtained government accreditation
• 2018, FEB
Opened Singapore Office (Anypoint Media Singapore PTE. LTD.)
• 2017, DEC
Developed Integrated Advertising Platform (OneAD)
• 2017, JUL
Launched IPTV ‘Targeted TV Advertising Platform’ for LGU+ with brand name “ART AD”
• 2016, FEB
Launched IPTV ‘Targeted TV Advertising Platform’ for SK Broadband with brand name “Smart BIG AD”
• 2015, JUL
Contracted with SK Broadband for ’Targeted TV Advertising Platform’
• 2015, JUN
Established ANYPOINT MEDIA CO., LTD. in Korea (100% AMG investment)


Powered by the successful partnership and strong business cases with two major IPTV operators in South Korea (SK Btv and LG U+), Anypoint Media is currently working with Telkom Indonesia, the number 1 telco in Indonesia, to integrate the Anypoint Platform with their ad infrastructure. This integrated ad system is expected to launch on 2Q, 2019.

For demand side, Anypoint Media is cooperating with ad exchanges and DSPs such as SpotX, DataXu, and Adobe, to run their video ad campaigns on IPTV.

For the full list of world-wide partner companies, see this page.


Seoul HQ

Dongsung Building 6F, 21, Teheran-ro 87-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 06169

Singapore Office

04-01 AXA Tower, 8 Shenton way, Singapore 068811