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Leveraging the best of both worlds

FLOWER combines the high quality content of Linear TV with the accurate reporting, audience targeting, efficient campaign management of Digital Video Advertising.

FLOWER is a self-contained solution, which provides everything from campaign management, ad-serving, data analysis and reporting, system monitoring and control, channel management, device management, a self-serving platform and DMP.

To enable Digital Video Advertising, FLOWER is integrated into Ad Exchanges, SSPs and DSPs providing programmatic advertising capabilities for Linear TV.

Please refer to this page for details of FLOWER.

Maximize efficiency to monetize

FLOWER manages every single ad inventory of the TV Operator for revenue optimization.

FLOWER uses the TV viewing history data of actual subscribers for targeting purposes. The combined big data, such as geo data, interests, life stage, goods of interest is used to create targeting segments. This in turn brings additional value to the TV Operator not only for Addressable TV Advertising, but by creating new opportunities such as data-based commerce and data-based personalized content by optimizing big data.

To implement FLOWER, the TV Operator does not have to invest a lot in equipment, or pay a development/tech fee. FLOWER implementation can be done by integrating the FLOWER agent on existing STBs. Also, because the FLOWER back-end is cloud-based, the FLOWER solution operates independently from the TV Operator’s head-end, thus not causing any interruptions to their existing service.