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Leverage the best of both worlds

TV and mobile – Why not both? The Anypoint Platform makes your TV commercial slots accessible to mobile advertisers, who are looking for high-quality, consistent, trustworthy video channels on which to run their ad campaigns.

Anypoint Media is already partnering with mobile video ad exchanges such as SpotX, Adobe, and DataXu, enabling them to operate on IPTV networks in South Korea with millions of viewers.

TV and online advertising remain separate for now, but the increasing digital viewing, technological innovation, and new measurement capabilities are driving the two divided structures toward integration.”

– Data-driven Future of Video Advertising, Nielsen & Simulmedia, 2014

Maximize efficiency to monetize

Are you concerned with wasted ad inventory that appeals to no one? Through quick and easy integration, the Anypoint Platform can help you to monetize each and every ad slot slot in your current setup.

Furthermore, with the Anypoint Platform, you can leverage your IPTV subscriber data to target ad campaigns based on residential area, demographics, or personal interest. This opens a door to new business opportunities.

Another advantage provided by the Anypoint Platform is that you can implement a CPV-based sales model to attract advertisers who seek high-quality, yet cost-effective video ad inventory.